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Are you overpaying your taxes?  Why? Kennedy Tax Service is an income tax return preparation firm located in San Francisco, California.  We are dedicated to assisting our clients with various tax and bookkeeping strategies and help business owners and individual taxpayers keep more of what they make. 


Our mission is to provide 

personalized, year-round tax service

at an affordable price


Our clients enjoy a high level of customized service and access to year-round advice and consultation.  Each client has a unique tax situation; therefore, we take time to sit down with clients to review and explain their tax situation to be certain that they always remain compliant.  We also assist them in evaluating options to give them a clear ongoing tax plan

What Distinguishes Us:

Efficiency -The tax laws are complex, so doing your own
returns can be difficult, time-consuming and stressful, especially as the due date nears. You also don't want to make mistakes. We're federally licensed tax practitioner with completion of 30-hour continuing education per year.

Accuracy -Under the tax laws, you may qualify for credits and rebates (tax breaks the government gives you if you qualify) and deductions (tax breaks you can take for certain expenses). You may be unaware of these and wind up overpaying what you owe.

Cost –Our fee for a tax-prep service is relatively less than other firms. We keep our overhead expenses much lower; therefore, we can offer an affordable price for clients while providing quality services. Quality comes from experience - Find out more about our background and areas of expertise.

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